Navigation Rally Events

Chicago Yacht Club Power Fleet Presents the 2019 Navigation Rally Series

Previously known as "Predicted Log", this competition focuses on wit and navigation.
"The race works much like a rally for cars. Instead of basing the course on speed, a log race has each boat predict its own time through a course of buoys based on their cruising speed. The closest boat to its own “logged” or predicted time wins. Because a log race is as much about knowing what kind of a boater you are as it is about skill, beginners win as often as experienced skippers. This can make it fun for everyone involved, as there is rarely a “ringer” who wins every time. On the day of the race, boaters are only allowed to use their tachometer, compass, depth sounder, radar, and autopilot compass; the GPS, speedometer, loran and radio timekeeping device must be disabled. Running the course ahead of time is against the rules, but if you want to practice, you’ll need to be confident and comfortable navigating without your usual electronics." - Andrew Shoemaker, Ballast Point Yachts

Chicago Yacht Club is fortunate to have its' very own Navigation Rally Perpetual Trophy. The Nicholas C. Giovan Memorial Trophy is awarded at the Club Championship that takes place in August. The trophy is named after storied predicted log participant, Nicholas C. Giovan. With his name on many predicted log trophies, Nick knew the characteristics of his yachts. To fine tune the throttles on Bimini he had a mallet which was used to “tap” another few revolutions from his engines for perfect arrival times.

A summer long test of navigation

Navigation Rally Series

Come join us on the water this summer for our Navigation Rally Series. Prizes, as well as points will be awarded to the top finishers. Points will go towards awarding the Club Champion in August. The winner will get bragging rights, and their name on the Giovan Trophy.

Navigation Rally Dates:
Belmont Opener: June 15th: 0900 Belmont
Chicago Best: June 15th: 1330 Belmont
Monroe Opener: June 22nd: 0900 Monroe
Southern Challenger: June 22nd: 1330 Monroe
Giovan/ Club Championship: August 24th: 1330 Monroe
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THe power fleet event of the year!

Club Championship- Giovan Trophy

Join us for the Chicago Yacht Club Navigation Rally Club Championship in August! This is the finale event for the Navigation Rally Series.
This event will take place at Monroe Station on August 24th.

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Navigation Rally 101

Want to Learn More?

Interested in Navigation Rallies but don't exactly know what it is? Check out this article below to find out more.
Even Sailboats can participate! 
Navigation Rallies used to be called Predicted Log.

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Event Contacts

Event Contacts

Name: Sydney Symons 

Title: Regatta Manager

Phone Number: 312-617-2279


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