Sailing on Lake Michigan

Opti Green Fleet

The Green Team is a beginner and intermediate level Optimist racing program, designed to build on the basic sailing and rudimentary racing skills learned in Level 1-3 classes. Younger sailors who have shown advancement in boat-handling, seamanship, and general knowledge are eligible to participate on the Green Team, using personally owned or Club chartered Optimist dinghies. The focus of the Green Team curriculum is to improve sailors' boat-handling skills and rules knowledge.  Green Team sailors learn more about small boat racing, including tactics and race courses. Sportsmanship is emphasized in all activities.  Care of and responsibility for their own equipment is an important feature of this program section. The Green Team sailors may travel to local and Midwest regattas including the Midwest Junior Olympics and Optimist Midwest Champs in the Fall.  The Green Fleet builds a strong foundation of sailing skills.  It also creates personal connections and relationships with other young sailors.

Sailors are strongly encouraged to participate in any regattas to which the team is traveling during that sailor's session, should the coach deem them ready to race. Depending on availability, sailors may be able to participate in regattas that follow a sailor's participation in the program.  This will be at the discretion of the coach and the director. 


To read an explanation of the USODA Green Fleet policy for competing in regattas, please look in the FAQs at


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