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Chicago Yacht Club Race Teams

For years, the Chicago Yacht Club has been able to provide junior sailors with one of the country's premier yacht club racing programs. The teams travel locally, regionally and nationally racing in some of the most competitive regattas in North America.

Acceptance onto any of the racing teams is based on prior sailing experience and coach evaluation. All members of the Chicago Yacht Club Race Teams are expected to be active and productive members of the team at all times, both in practice and at competitions.

Any travel that our racers do relies heavily on parent involvement for transportation, chaperoning and general team support. Regatta expenses such as travel, meals, entry fees and lodging are the responsibility of the individual sailors. These expenses are not covered by the program tuition.

Members of all teams must be sons or daughters of Regular or Associate Members, or, Junior Members.

During the Spring and Fall seasons, we offer an Optimist Racing Program for Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner Sailors. Sailors are broken down into three fleets: RWB (Red, White, Blue) for advanced and intermediate sailors, Green Fleet for beginner racers, and Lime Fleet (Fall only) open to sailors fresh out of the summer program! Sailors must be approved by the Sailing School staff to participate in this racing program. See more details under Schedule & Calendar and Fleet Descriptions. Click here to register


If you have any remaining questions, please contact the Sailing Director, at or the Head Coach at


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  • C420 Travel Team
    • The C420 Travel Team represents the most experienced youth sailors of the Chicago Yacht Club Sailing School. Most Travel Team sailors have been a part of the program for years. Extensive knowledge of tactics and seamanship in addition to advanced boat-handling skills are requisite for Travel Team members, and are consistently improved upon throughout the summer. These sailors travel often and participate in high caliber events across North America, including the C420 Nationals, C420 North Americans, the  Buzzard's Bay Regatta and US Sailing Championships in the summer. Additionally, the winter circuit brings them to the Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta as well as the C420 Midwinter Championship. The sailors learn valuable skills both on and off the race course as they travel together throughout the country.

      Full Summer Only    
      June 17 - August 9, 2019 
      Program Fee: $2700.00


      Date  Regatta NOR
       June 6 - 9              Neill Clinic at Chicago Yacht Club        na
       July 10 - 14      C420 North American Championship at San Francisco, CA         
       July 22 - 24  C420 National Championship at Newport, RI  
       July 29 - 30  C.J. Buckley Regatta at   
       August 2 - 4  Buzzard's Bay Regatta at Buzzard's Bay, MA  

  • C420 Great Lakes Team
    • The C420 Great Lakes Team reinforces for its sailors the specific skills necessary for sailing in C420 racing dinghies. The C420 Great Lakes Team is one of the placement options for the more accomplished Optimist Race Team sailors who have aged out of or are too big for the Optimist class. Sailors entering the C420 Great Lakes Team must show competence in boat-handling and have knowledge of rules and tactics. The C420 Great Lakes Team places emphasis on the development of racing skills and teamwork in competition. The C420 Great Lakes Team focuses on learning how to compete while using a trapeze and spinnaker in fleet racing. Sailors also learn tactics and some basic rules of team racing. The sailors travel to local and regional regattas to gain valuable experience in larger fleets, and to prepare them for more advanced racing. By the end of the summer, the most qualified members of the C420 Great Lakes Team will be ready to join the C420 Travel Team, and may have opportunities to race during the winter season.

      Full Summer or 1/2 Summer

      Full Summer: $2700.00  June 17 - August 9
      1/2 Summer: $1350.00   June 17 - July 12 or July 15 - August 9
      8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

      Date  Regatta NOR
       June 26 - 27            Wente Cup at Sheridan Shores Yacht Club             
       July 17 - 19  Area K Qualifier at Milwaukee Yacht Club  
       August 3 - 4  CASRA Youth Regatta  
       August 5  Mini Mac at Chicago Yacht Club at Belmont  
       August 6 - 7  Skyline at Columbia Yacht Club  

  • Laser Team
    • The Laser Team is made up of individuals who are already experienced racers, and are looking to improve on their skippering skills in single-handed boats. Sailors on the team use their own boats, practicing and competing in either the Laser Radial or Full Rig at local, regional, and national regattas. Emphasis is put on advanced boat-handling and strength, two vital components to successful sailing in a Laser. In addition, the team learns racing tactics, strategy, seamanship, and other skills to excel on the race course. The team travels throughout the summer to participate in highly competitive events around the country. In addition, other travel opportunities exist for those who are interested in racing during the fall, winter, and spring.

      Full Summer Only
      June 17 - August 9, 2019
      Program Fee: $2700.00

       Date Regatta NOR
       June 29 - 30       Great Lakes Championship at Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club        
       July 17 - 19  Area K Qualifier at Milwaukee Yacht Club, WI   
       July 24 - 31  Laser Radial Worlds at Kingston, Canada  
       August 3 -4   CASRA Youth Regatta   
       August 5  Mini Mac at Chicago Yacht Club at Belmont    
       August 6 -7               Skyline at Columbia Yacht Club  

  • Opti RWB Fleet
      The Opti Red, White and Blue (RWB) Race Team is for experienced Opti sailors who are ready to compete at the highest level and are under 15 years of age. The Opti RWB Team competes in many local events, but also prepares sailors for National and International Optimist events, focusing on advanced boat-handling and tactics. The sailors become exposed to a strong team atmosphere, learning both fleet racing and team racing skills. Sailors who have advanced past the Green Team curriculum and have their own Opti are eligible for the Advanced Optimist Race Team. The Advanced Optimist Race Team places an emphasis on travel, participating in many local and national regattas, including Optimist Nationals, Junior Olympics, and various fall and winter regattas.

      Full Summer and Half Summer Options

      Full Summer: $2700.00  June 17 - August 9
      1/2 Summer:  $1350.00   June 17 - July 12 or July 15 - August 9
      8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

      Date  Regatta NOR link
      May 25 - 27                          Chicago Region RWB Opti Invitational at Belmont         na
      June 7 - 9  Opti Great Lakes at Erie, PA  
      July 20 - 23  Team Race Nationals at G.P.Y.C.  
      July 24   Girls Nationals at G.P.Y.C  
      July 25 - 28   Opti Nationals at G.P.Y.C  
      August 3 - 4   CASRA Youth Regatta   
      August 5   Mini Mac at Chicago Yacht Club at Belmont   
      August 6 - 7   Skyline at Columbia Yacht Club  
      September 6 - 8   Midwest Championship at Pewaukee, WI  
      October 11 - 14       Southeast Championship at Arapahoe, NC  
      November 28 - 30   Midwinter Championship at Southern Yacht Club at New Orleans, LA      

      For Regional, National, and International Optimist news, visit the official US Optimist website,

  • Opti Green Fleet
    • Sailors are strongly encouraged to participate in any regattas to which the team is traveling during that sailor's session, should the coach deem them ready to race. Depending on availability, sailors may be able to participate in regattas that follow a sailor's participation in the program. This will be at the discretion of the coach and the director.

      Full Summer or Half Summer Options

      Full Summer: $2700.00  June 17 - August 9
      1/2 Summer: $1350.00   June 17 - July 12 or July 15 - August 9
      8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

      Date  Regatta  NOR 
       June 7 - 9  Opti Great Lakes at Erie, PA  
       July 24  Girls Nationals at G.P.Y.C.  
       July 25 - 28  Opti Nationals at G.P.Y.C.  
       August 3 - 4  CASRA Youth Regatta  
       August 5  Mini Mac at Chicago Yacht Club at Belmont                          
       August 6 - 7  Skyline at Columbia Yacht Club  
       September 6 - 8                 Midwest Championship at Pewaukee, WI  

      To read an explanation of the USODA Green Fleet policy for competing in regattas, please look in the FAQs at


      For more information or questions please contact the Sailing School office at

OPTI RACE TEAM SPring 2019 Practice Schedule

Fleet Saturday Sunday
RWB 9am - 3pm 9am - 1pm
Green Sunday - May 5 - 26, 2019   9am - 1pm 

All Fleets should pack a snack & lunch for full day weekend practices. Make sure to eat a solid breakfast.

There are sailors with severe nut allergies, please do not bring any food with nut ingredients (peanut butter, almond butter, granola bars, etc.).

Coaches will arrive ready to start practice at the designated times. RWB and Green Fleets should be rigged and ready to begin from the classroom. If your sailor requires more time to rig, arrive earlier.

Spring Season begins on or after March 16 - May 27, 2019.  START DATE IS DEPENDENT ICE MELTED FROM WATER

Each sailor should have his or her own tool box complete with all necessary items to prepare the boat, including sail ties.  

Click to register for spring sailing 


Practice Scheduled for April 19 & 20 with Coach Youssef both days.
Practice Scheduled for April 27 & 28 with Coach Mitch Hall both days, assisted by Coach Amy on Saturday
Opti sailors should be rigged and ready to be in the sailing school classroom by 9am.
Bring dry suit, it is required gear for Spring Sailing. 
As weather warms up, Coach Youssef will determine when air temp + water temp allows for sailing without a dry suit.


Interested in learning more about CYC's Race Teams?

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