Sailing on Lake Michigan
CYC Players McHale's Navy
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Saturday, March 2nd | 6 p.m. | Belmont Station
Cast Members:
Capt. Binghamton – Ted Jones
Cmdr. McHale - Lou Sandoval (invited) – [understudy: Bill Hannay]
Lt. Carpenter – Raphael Dawson
Ens. Parker – Dave Zehner
Gruber – John Haradon
Tinker – Lisa Gaston
Christy – Adam Daniels
Virgil – Mike Shields
Nurse Molly – Meta Dawson
Nurse Gloria – Kristin Schultes

Calling all members with an interest in theater and performance!

An episode of the 1960's TV comedy, “McHale’s Navy”, will be 2019's production of the annual CYC play taking place on Saturday, March 2nd at Belmont Station. The play is directed by member Bill Hannay and will be performed as a reading (no memorizing necessary) and rehearsed on the two weekends prior to the performance.

If you are interested in participating or for more information, please contact Bill Hannay at or Candace Towery, Belmont’s Dining Manager, at
CYC Players McHale's Navy
Saturday, March 02, 2019 6:00 PM
CYC Players "McHale's Navy" at Belmont Station.