Shields Nationals

Chicago Yacht Club is thrilled to host the 2019 Shields National Championship

The Shields Class prides themselves on being "simple one-design boats". All Shields go the same speed given basic preparation. The Shields boat learning curve is short, making it easy for a sailing novice to get started in the sport. Over 250 have been built and many are actively raced in fleets around the U.S. No hiking straps are allowed, keeping athletic demands on the crew to a minimum. Shields require very little maintenance. There is no arms race in the Shields Class. The Class limits sail purchases to one sail per year, making competition tight, and accessible to any budget. The Shields enjoys a strong National Association that organizes annual championship regattas, and this year we are very fortunate to host one in Chicago.

For more information on the Shields Class, you can visit their National Association page here.

For CYC Photo Gallery from the 2019 Shields Nationals, please click here.

Event Information

The regatta is open to Shields Class boats and crews who have satisfied the requirements for entry under the provisions of Shields Class Sailing Association Rules, Section VI, Rules Governing the National Championship Regatta. Eligible skippers may enter by completing the entry form, with payment, available via the link provided at: and submitting their Certificate of Compliance, Sail Inventory Registry and Waiver of Liability forms at on-site registration.

Chicago Yacht Club clinics

Interested in how to maintain your PFD?

 As part of its efforts to provide opportunities for safety education to the boating community, the Chicago Yacht Club and Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac Committee committs to hosting Life Jacket Clinics.The purpose of the clinics is to invite boaters in the area to bring in their life jacket, learn to repack, how and when to maintain, product recall updates, and when to replace.
Interested in coming to a Life Jacket Clinic? Click the link below!

life jacket clinics
Event Contacts

Event Contacts

Name: Sydney Symons 

Title: Regatta Manager

Phone Number: 312-617-2279


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