Old Guard Trophy

It’s not enough to be one of the top 25 in club seniority. To have your name on this trophy, you have to win the annual Old Guard Regatta. This trophy can be found in the case on the lower level of Belmont Station.

Old Guard Trophy

  • Fred M. Nolde Trophy
    • The Fred H. Nolde Memorial Trophy was presented to the Chicago Yacht Club by his widow for competition among the “Old Guard” in an annual race, using one of the active racing classes in the Club.

      The “Old Guard” consists of the 25 most senior members of Chicago Yacht Club. While crews are supplied by the owners of the yachts, the venerable guest skippers are well known to be capable, competitive and somewhat feisty. The trophy is a model of Chaleur.

      “The Chaleur, an excellent example of a popular type in pre-Revolutionary days, is said to have been an American-built schooner that had been captured from the French by the British frigate Favorite on the American coast and condemned at New York. Here she was finally purchased, in 1764, for the Royal Navy. The Chaleur was obviously designed as a cargo vessel, not as a man-of-war or privateer. The sail plan was drawn from the spar dimensions recorded on the original Admiralty draught.”

      Howard L. Chapelle, The History of American Sailing Ships

      Of particular note, you will find R.K. “Bob” Cameron as the winner in 1975 and also find Bob listed as the winner in 2004. Having joined in 1939, Bob has been “Member 1” according to the club’s seniority list for most of the last decade.

      List of Winners

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