Sailing on Lake Michigan

Practice Schedule

Practice Schedule
  • Tuesday 4-7 p.m. - JV and Varsity in 420s, Fresh/Soph in Sonars or 420s
  • Thursday 4-7 p.m. - JV and Varsity in 420s, Fresh/Soph in Sonars or 420s
  • Saturday 9-4 p.m. - Fresh/Soph and JV in 420s (check calendar to confirm, not every Saturday)

Wednesday Laser & C420 RACE Team Practice

  • Wednesday 4-7 p.m., March 7th- May 30th
  • What: Separate Laser and Club 420 (spinnaker and trapeze) practices every Wednesday of the week.
  • Who: This is targeted for experienced high school sailors (JV or Varsity) and sailors transitioning out of Optis.
  • Why: We want to build our C420 and Laser Travel teams as they allow us to reach higher levels of competition than just HS sailing provides. They also introduce many new elements of sailing that is important to develop before college/adult sailing.  The goal is to help transition sailors to sailing C420 or Laser in the summer and winter at the major national and international events.
  • Equipment: Bring your own Laser. Club 420 and sails are provided, but we highly recommend sailors to have their own sails for regattas.  C420 sailors should have a partner for the whole season and they will be given a boat and sails to take care of and customize.
  • Pricing:

Laser: $250/season
C420: $350/season (boats and sails charter) - $250/season (if you provide your own set of sail)

*Please note that race team registration is separate than high school registration.

  • Friday 4-7pm - Varsity Race Race Days in 420s. JV sailors are invited as well, but it is an optional practice for them. (only on Fridays NOT traveling to regattas - will be listed on regatta calendar)


  • In addition to notifying your coach via email (, please also notify your team captains. 
  • If you miss 3 practices unexcused you will be removed from the Varsity roster. 

Practice & Regatta calendar

Use the key below to read the calendar for your specific team information.