Sailing on Lake Michigan

Race CommitteeSafety & Rescue for RC 


The Chicago Yacht Club Race Committee is welcome to enroll in the Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling / Safety and Rescue Boat Course. Any volunteer who operates a Chicago Yacht Club vessel must successfully complete this class.  In addition to all of the skills covered in the Safe Powerboat Handling Course, below is a list of some of the topics specific to the Safety and Rescue Boat portion.

There is no pre-requisite to enroll but it is strongly recommended to complete an Illinois online boater education course.  All participants must either be active CYC Race Committee members or have prior authorization by the On the Water Director.  Contact Jay Kehoe to register.  

On-the-Water Sessions   


Classroom Sessions

VHF radio communications   Weather & water briefings 
Boat rescues including capsizes   VHF radio procedures
Person in the Water rescue   Safety and rescue equipment and procedures
Towing: astern and alongside   Towing concepts
Williamson turn   Search pattern concepts
Steering a range   Plotting a position
Intercepting a moving vessel   Calculating tides and currents
Use of bearings & GPS search pattern   Light schemes