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Club Committees

 Get Involved! 




The Associates Committee is seeking members who are interested in being involved in Associate sponsored events throughout 2016. This includes assisting in the planning, setup, and execution of these events, both on and off the water. Interested members should contact the Chair of the Associates Committee, Ashley Hunsader, at Ashley.Hunsader@gmail.com to learn more.


Cruising Sail Fleet

The Cruising Sail Fleet is currently looking for to fill three positions:

1. Family Activities Coordinator- Ideally someone with kids who might have a better understanding of the families needs and wants.    

2. On the Water Activities Coordinator- Ideally a cruising sailor who can help the Fleet with OTW activities planning.      

3. Social Activities Coordinator- to help with dock parties and other social activities planning

Anyone interested should contact Cruising Sail Fleet Chair, Eric Moore, at em@moorelandscapes.com.

Dinghy Committee

Are you interested in assisting the Club in building new programs for dinghy racers?  We are planning some new events, email Emily Giaimo at embership@chicagoyachtclub.org if you’d like to get involved.


Entertainment & Education

E&E Committee is looking for some high energy people who are willing to help generate new and creative events for the Club. We are meeting periodically to brainstorm new ideas, promote successfully executed events and to work with staff to make sure that event ideas are fulfilled. Contact Entertainment & Education Committee Chair, Dwain Lutzow, at dlutzow@dla-ltd.com.


Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee works to assist members in getting involved with the Club and its program and activities.  Do you enjoy meeting people and helping them connect to others? If so, this opportunity would be perfect for you. Please contact Emily Giaimo at membership@chicagoyachtclub.org to learn more.


Family Activities

The Family Activities Committee is looking for members who want to build involvement of the next generation at the Chicago Yacht Club. The time demand does not have to be great. What we need are creative ideas, networking know-how, and a commitment to bringing families into more club events. Please contact Family Activities Chair, Kevin Foote at dkfoote@gmail.com.


Fleet Review

Fleet Review is the Club’s annual boat parade, which takes place in June.  We are looking for members to help expand this event and enhance participation.  If you would like to work on this great project, please email Fleet Review Committee Chair, Bill Bloom, at williambloom3@gmail.com.


Junior Activities

The Junior Activities Committee (JAC) is looking for members with a passion to help youth sailors develop a lifelong love of boating and a lifelong interest in yacht club membership. You do not need to be a parent of a youth sailor to participate! In particular, the JAC is looking for volunteers with expertise in internal communications, regatta organization and strategic planning. If interested, please contact Junior Activities Committee Chair, Matt Gallagher, at matt@teamgallagher.net.



Next year, the Club will be offering team racing in our Sonars. Would you like to help put this program together?  If so, please email Keelboat Committee Chair, Rob Cardenas, at cardenrc@gmail.com.

Library Committee 

The Club is in the process of building up its library and archives. Do you have expertise in this area, and/or are interested in this kind of work?  If so, please email Library Committee Chair, Tanya Whitehead, at tanya.d.whitehead@gmail.com.



The Membership Committee is looking for marketing and sales minded members who are interested in sharing details on the benefits of joining the club, attending prospective member parties and meeting potential new members. If you are interested please contact Membership Committee Chair, Rick Lillie, at rhlillie@aol.com.

New Members

The New Member Committee is a social group geared towards celebrating and sharing an outstanding client experience within the first two years of joining the club. We are seeking NEW CYC members who wish to be personally on-boarded into the Club or want to help make other new members feel welcome. Our goal is to embrace new members by making introductions to others, teach them about the Club dynamics and show them how to best utilize the Club. If you're looking to become more aware of the many amazing Club benefits, meet new members and/or get more involved, then please contact New Members Chair, Melanie Husk, at mmackewich@yahoo.com.  


Power Fleet

The Power Fleet is interested in having persons join who have an interest in planning and running various events primarily designed for power boaters including educational programs, cruises, and social events. Please contact Power Fleet Committee Chair, Regan Thomas, at jreganthomas@gmail.com for more information.


Protest Committee: The Club is seeking racing sailors to serve as judges for Club events. If you are familiar with the Racing Rules of Sailing, this may be an ideal position for you. Email Protest Committee Chair, Samuel Veilleux, at sveilleux@outlook.com to learn more.


Race Committee                                                                                                                                        
The Race Committee is seeking members to assist in working sailing races during 2016. You will have opportunities to learn about sailing/racing, be part of something exciting, meet fun people and experience the city views from the lake. *No experience necessary - we will teach you all you need to know in an interactive and fun environment!!! 
Interested members should contact the Race Committee Chair, Nancy Arnold, at arnold@rc-chicagoyachtclub.org.


The Sponsorship Committee helps fund annual and perennial events at Chicago Yacht Club and is able to do so with the help of members leveraging relationships with businesses interested in supporting the sport of sailing, boating, and cruising in and around the Great Lakes. On the heels of the 2016 season scheduled with the 108th Race to Mackinac, Farr 40, Star and a few other national fleet North Americans in addition to the Technology Boat Show and America’s Cup World Series, we are looking for members who are able to support our team in marketing, sales, communication, activation and hospitality. If you are interested, we are happy to hear from you to discuss the right fit. Please email Sponsorship Committee Chair, Sarah Renz, at srenz@icloud.com.


The Trophy Committee, is seeking volunteers who appreciate the history and traditions of the club as documented through our extensive collection of trophies recognizing the accomplishments of our members. We would like volunteers with woodworking skills (for bases of new and existing trophies), computer skills (for maintaining Virtual Trophy Room), research skills (for help in filling in the lack of information about some of our trophies). Please contact Trophy Committee Chair, Bork Maronn, at b.maronn@comcast.net for details.