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Teaching, challenging, empowering and preserving since 1990.

The Chicago Yacht Club Foundation brings awareness and appreciation of the nautical arts and traditions to the Chicagoland community and broadens horizons for our youth and physically disabled through nautical training and boating activities.The CYC Foundation supports venues that introduce people at many levels to nautical educational and on-the-water activities. Whether these venues are scholarships, access to sailing competitions, restoration projects or any other financial support, the CYC Foundation is dedicated to memorializing the rich history of Lake Michigan and developing maritime traditions. 


  • Nautical Education
    • Whether it's Sisters Under Sail, which teaches teen girls leadership skills during a week on a tall ship, or our Maritime Education Program, which brings more than 1,000 students to the Club each year, the Foundation is dedicated to providing Chicago area youth the opportunities to learn and appreciate the nautical arts. Learn more

    • The CYC Foundation supports the Rickover Academy JNROTC racing team, the Neill Advanced Sailing Clinic for accomplished junior 420 sailors, and the North American Challenge Cup, one of the longest-running sailing events for disabled adults. Check out the racing events CYCF supports

    • The CYC Foundation offers support to other maritime-related charitable organizations that operating in or have a tie to the Chicagoland area, including Chicago’s Christmas Ship, Chicago’s Maritime Museum and the Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Program. Learn more about the civic organizations the CYCF supports.

    • You can help the CYC Foundation help others by making a tax-deductible donation to the CYC Foundation. Read more.


Investing In Our Safety

The Chicago Yacht Club Foundation, proud to support the United States Coast Guard Foundation (USCG), has been welcomed into their Guardian’s Circle. The USCG Foundation provides their members with essential support not otherwise available. It provides for families of injured and deceased members on a wide range of services not otherwise available

Through donations from various sources, the Coast Guard Foundation also supports many programs and projects for the men and women of the Coast Guard and the public they serve. This includes supporting the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Coast Guard volunteer arm, with funding for activities such as  boat safety seminars, vessel inspection, harbor patrols, and marine environmental protection efforts.

The Chicago Yacht Club Foundation also gives support to other maritime-related charitable organizations that operate in or have a tie to the Chicagoland area.


The CYC Foundation is led by a dedicated Board of Trustees who carefully evaluates all options for the Foundation. 
President  Gerald F. Bober, PhD  
Vice President James F. Armstrong Jr.  
Secretary  Steven B. Salk  
Treasurer  William Bloom III  
Trustee Sarah Alger  
Cyd Archer  
Michael Belsley  
Trustee John Benish  
Trustee Christy Coon  
Trustee Grant Crowley  
Trustee Raymond H. Groble III  
Trustee G. Michael Sollitt  
Trustee  Jane Vartan  
General Counsel Bernard Wiczer

More Information

To view information about the member annual support program and authorization form, click here (must be a member to view). 

For your convenience, the Chicago Yacht Club Foundation wishes to share its latest IRS Form 990 filing.  Please contact the Chicago Yacht Club Foundation Treasurer, Victor Chigas, should you have any questions on the filing.

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