August 12-14,2016

Verve Cup Offshore Regatta 
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In August 2016, Chicago Yacht Club hosts the 24th annual Verve Cup Offshore Regatta. The event features a three-day offshore regatta, as well as a one day Distance Race. As one of the largest course-racing regattas in North America, Verve Cup has developed as a world-class event, attracting national and international sailing competitors. This three-day event attracts over 100 yachts to the beautiful Chicago lakefront. Participating yachts range in size from 25 feet up to 80 feet in length, and carry crew from 4 to 20 persons. During the regatta, Chicago Yacht Club will welcome over 2,000 racers, spouses and guests at their Monroe harbor clubhouse. These participants are treated to three days of top quality racing, followed by food, entertainment and camaraderie.

Competitors participate in multiple races, and boats sail either with a rating handicap or a one design so that boats of different size and character can compete against one another in one of the 18 plus racing sections. Overall prizes are awarded to the top finishers in each section, with one offshore boat winning the perpetual Verve Cup Trophy. The Verve Cup trophy dates from 1893 and is Chicago Yacht Club’s oldest trophy. Overall prizes are awarded for each class of boat. The winners of the distance race are awarded the 8 Mile Buoy Trophy.

Merchandise, such as t-shirts, are available for sale to all competitors, spouses and guests. Race sponsors also set-up kiosks and displays during race week for competitors and spectators to enjoy. Food, beverages, and music are provided for each evening’s festivities, with the Verve Swerve Party being held the Saturday of the event.