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Competition Fund
Click here to download Chicago Yacht Club Competition Fund Process and Application

The Competition Fund Committee was created to advance sailboat racing for the members of Chicago Yacht Club. The Competition Fund was created to assist the collective involvement of Chicago Yacht Club in important events which would bring honor and distinction to the Club and those members involved.

The Competition Fund Committee shall recommend the use of funds set aside for the Competition Fund to the Flag, which shall have final authority to approve.

General Guidelines for Applicants

ELIGIBILITY – Chicago Yacht Club Members and their immediate family members are eligible to apply.
Applications for skippers with non-Chicago Yacht Club members may be considered on a prorated basis.
The boat shall represent the Chicago Yacht Club, exclusively, for the team to be considered.
PROCESS - 30-day deadlines. Applications must be received at least 30 days prior to start of the event. Regatta reports and receipts must be submitted within 30 days of the last race of the event.
No funding for ISAF Category III (Sailing Professionals).
• Unless allowed as crew in a Corinthian skipper competition (e.g. Lipton Cup)
• Unless representing the Chicago Yacht Club in a World Championship or World Cup Event in an Olympic class
High School Team Events are not funded
No funding for requests that could be construed to be using the event for business purposes
No funding for Damage Deposits.
For events located within Southern Lake Michigan Area, funding for lodging and travel will be 0%. Exceptions may be made for Burgee and/or Challenge events, at the discretion of the Competition Fund Committee.
Funding is only available for Chicago Yacht Club members in good standing.
EXPENSES THAT MAY BE INCLUDED – in part or in their entirety as recommended by the committee
• Travel to and from the event
• Entrance Fee
• Housing Cost
• Coaching Fee
• Team uniforms will be provided for select burgee events at the discretion of the Interclub Racing Committee.
Travel and Lodging costs will be validated with the use of Expedia.com (flights and rental car) and http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/100120
Chicago Yacht Club manages internal and external marketing communication for event on behalf of the recipients.
All decisions regarding funding will be made at the recommendation of the Competition Fund Committee and the discretion of the Flag. Application recommendations will be based on current year budget and expected events by funding priority.
Additional factors to be considered shall be the quality of competition and the competence of the applicant with regard to skill, sportsmanship, and involvement in the Chicago sailing community.
Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Event Priorities
First priority shall be given to Chicago Yacht Club challenge events (Match, Team, Fleet with 100% member requirement) such as, Resolute Cup, Lipton Cup, Morgan Cup and Great Lakes Championship.
Second priority shall be given to important junior national and international regattas.
Third priority shall be given US Sailing Championships, one-design world championships, other significant regattas.
Fourth priority shall be given to other major regattas for Team CYC. Member skipper mandatory, only member crew receives benefit.

A member seeking funds shall submit a complete application no less than 30 days prior to the event
The Committee will meet monthly to discuss current applications. Applicant may be asked to appear before the Committee for additional discussion regarding the request.
The Committee will make a recommendation to the Flag for funding all, partial, or none of each request.
The Flag will approve, reject, or request changes to the recommendation of the Committee
Upon full or partial approval, the applicant is required to submit all receipts within 30 days of the conclusion of the event
After the conclusion of the event, the applicant is required to submit a written recap of the event for use in upcoming publications. Applicant, and member crew, may be asked to present at an upcoming Club function.

Applicants should display exemplary conduct at all times while representing the Chicago Yacht Club. Failure to adhere to the following guidelines may be grounds for loss of funding or additional disciplinary actions.
1. Be respectful and supportive of all competitors, spectators, and host yacht club property and staff
2. Display integrity within the Racing Rules of Sailing
3. Exhibit graciousness in victory and defeat
4. Keep in mind that your actions, both on and off the water, are a representation of Chicago Yacht Club, its members, its history, and the supporters of your involvement.