Professional Staff

    Dwight Jenson, CCM
    General Manager
    Ph: 312.861.7776





    Kyle Babcock 
    Ph: 312.861.7774


    Patrick Daly
    Assistant Controller
    Ph: 312.861.7760


    Daisy Aponte
    Human Resources Supervisor
    Ph: 312.861.7762




    Emily Giaimo

    Membership Marketing Director
    Ph: 312.861.7761


    Trina Strother
    Member Services Manager
    Ph: 312.861.7777

    Franny Grinberg

    Club Assistant           
    Ph: 312.861.7764




    Communications Director
    Ph: 312.861.7772


    Monroe Station Operations


    Kate Newton
    , CCM
    Food and Beverage Director
    Ph: 312.861.7770


    Tim O'Connell

    Food and Beverage Operations Manager
    Ph: 312.861.7776

    Marc Anderson
    Beverage Manager
    Ph: 312.861.7766


    Monroe Station Culinary


    Kevin Smith
    Executive Chef
    Ph: 312.861.7783


    Belmont Station Operations



    Jill Dedinsky
    Belmont Chef/Manager
    Ph: 312.861.7777 Ext. 4951


    On the Water 


    Lynn Walls Lynch
    On the Water Director
    Ph: 312.861.7777 Ext. 4953

    Sean Ellis

    Race Coordinator
    Ph: 312.861.7777 Ext. 4956


    cott Souders

    Marine Superintendent
    Ph: 312.861.7777 Ext. 4959


    Bobby Collins
    Sailing School Director
    Ph: 312.861.7777 Ext. 4952


    No Photo Available

    Monroe Station Dockmaster
    Ph: 312.861.7777



    Chuck Nevel
    Keelboat Director & Belmont Dockmaster
    Ph: 312.861.7777 Ext. 4960